OMNIALLINFINITUDE™ builds a bridge on which my head and my heart can shake hands.  It combines deep principles with ancient practices,  and is a pathway to knowing God in order to love Him.   I encourage you to walk the path;  cross the bridge.”

Dr. Jim Altizer,  Roadmaps For Worship & Azusa Pacific University Adjunct Professor

OMNIALLINFINITUDE™ is a rich study that gets beyond scholarship into a real,  experiential knowledge of God and His Word. God’s disappointment with so much Bible study is that His people are “ever hearing,  but never understanding,  ever seeing but never perceiving.”  The all important experiencing part is missing.  Omniallinfinitude is meeting that need.  May you live the fullness of the relationship!
Dr. Manny Fernandez,  CEO – World Link Ministries, Inc.


What OMNIALLINFINITUDE™ alumni are saying…..


“I have never been in a study with this format.  The Analyze section brought me back to more in-depth study.  The Practice,  Investigate and Inventory sections required more active participation,  rather than just read and answer the question.  It is all very applicable to everyday living.”

“I learned more about our creator and myself than any other study.  Thank you for getting us out of our comfort zones and into the community.”

“You put together an amazing amount of material in such a user friendly manner.”

“I have seen changes in my life as I prayed for the needs of others.  I was struck by the many varied needs out there.  I realize this process or journey will take a lifetime.”

“I have been blessed by the attributes of God.  God is so much more than I ever could imagine.”

“I have learned how important it is to be unselfish and how selfish I am in expecting an immediate return for my good deeds.  I understand faith is like that cup of water you put in a pump to get it started.  You have to prime the pump. Give up the first cup and more will come back up.  But no water will be pumped without the first cup.  It’s risky to prime the pump – but GOD always provides,  even though many times it is not how or when we expect it.”

“I am reading the Bible in a totally different way now – it is all about GOD.  I underline every time I see any name for GOD,  Jesus,  or the Holy Spirit or any of the attributes.  They’re everywhere – how did I miss it before?”

“In studying the attributes of GOD I now realize that GOD has everything I need whenever I need it.”

“I realize it is ok to have fun and do fun things – that He provides a real zest for life – that is the Christian life!  This creates a ripple effect and affects others.”

“I have learned to slow down.  I thought if I slowed down I would get behind,  but in fact I was better able to focus on getting the important things done.”

“The holiness of GOD is so much clearer in my spirit now.  I want to take my grandchildren through these concepts – it is all they will ever need.  I understand the whole story now,  it is much straighter , much clearer in my mind.”

“I usually only do the academic stuff because I am that kind of personality.  But I was deeply touched spiritually beyond the written words on the page and am much more sensitive to GOD’s creation and everything that is around me.  I tend to over intellectualize everything in an attempt to prove my doubts.  This has taken my spirit back to the basics,  back to GOD.”

“I have noticed I am a happier person and am not as focused on myself when I focus on others and GOD.  I have been blessed materially and it has been so exciting to use this now to bless others.  I have become more generous and now look for ways to help people.”

“This was a real challenge to me.  In the beginning I wasn’t sure I could do it,  or keep up.  Someone asked me how I liked it and I said it was hard,  but that everyone was wonderful.  I have learned to ask for help and let go of my pride.  I have also learned it is more important to listen to and follow GOD and risk rejection – than it is to worry about what others want me to do.”

“This hits on what I believe is the most misunderstood truth in the Word – knowing GOD to the point of trust.  You have written the material so we,  ourselves,  can and will discover The GOD we only know about.”

“I so appreciate the way you’re trying to bring the truths of GOD alive in different ways.”

“It really does sound like GOD has given you lots and lots of creative inspiration by the way you’ve designed the material,  and its like spot on target to connect with people who maybe don’t have a lot of Bible knowledge or background.”

“This has been hard to put down.  I know we are supposed to pace ourselves but it has been so much fun – so I just kept going.”

“OMNIALLINFINITUDE™ has moved me from Bible reading back to Bible study.”

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