How Does This Work?


This is an interactive blog experience – an amazing journey of self discovery and spiritual insight.  It has been designed so you can start at any time and work through all published journeys at your own speed.


There are 12 Journeys – each one has its own Blog and Journey Elements to complete.

A Blog Journey is presented through 16 blog posts,  originally published over 8 weeks.  In addition to these blog posts and interactive comments from you, the participant,  there is a downloadable PDF for each Journey,  into which you can type your answers,  thoughts and observations.  This PDF, like the blog posts,  links to online resources,  music,  and videos.  (view this PDF with Adobe Reader).


How do I find a specific Journey Blog?

  • On the menu you will see a selection called  Journey Blogs.
  • When you point your mouse on this selection,  a list of Journeys will appear.
  • Start at Journey 1 and go through Journey 12 in order.
  • A list of the links to the Journey Blogs also appears on the Right Sidebar on the Omni-Home page.
  • Journeys will be published to the blog over time,  so if a Journey does not show up,  we have not published it yet.
  • To know which Journey we are currently on,  click the picture on the  (Omni-Home)  main page that says  “For Current Journey – Click Here”.


On the Home Page of each Journey Blog you will see a picture that says  “Click here for PDF Version of Journey”. For best results,  download this PDF by moving your mouse to the bottom of the PDF in your browser until you will see an icon with a down arrow.  Click this to place the PDF on your computer.

On the navigation menu at the top you will see a selection called  Journey Elements  shown in the order that they should be completed.   When you click on any Element in the list, it will take you to that portion of the blog.  Once a specific Journey has been published and is no longer the “Current Journey”,  it is still active and can receive Comments.   We will continue to interact with new Journey Partners.


Start with Journey One – Highest Honors.

(The Journeys build upon each other,  so if you skip one,  you might get confused.)

  • Click on the Read/Remember Element in the list.
  • Read the Blog Post. (Click on the Tweet,  Share or Like icons to share with your social networks.)
  • Complete the assignment.
  • Return to the Blog Post and comment about your insights and observations, what you learned or discovered or any questions you may have.
  • Read other participants comments and comment on them if you wish.
  • Move on to the next Journey Element Blog Post.
  • When you complete a Journey,  move on to the next Journey.

While comments are highly encouraged,  we realize many people are hesitant to comment on the internet.   We understand this and it is perfectly fine to participate in any Journey without commenting.  You can do these by yourself,  with a friend,  or even in a small group.  You can also comment directly to us via the Contact Us page.


The Omniallinfinitude Main Blogsite  (Omni-Home)  is the Gateway to all 12 Journeys.

  • A picture of the Current Journey will appear on this page  (click on this picture to go to the Current Journey).
  • On the right sidebar and on the top menu,  you can get to each completed Journey Blog Home page by selecting it’s name.
  • The Blog on the Omni-Home page is not a Journey Blog.  It will have posts from time to time of general interest to all participants and be available for Comments.
  • You can also access the Getting Started,  Kudos,  and Resources pages from the Top  Menu Bar on Omni-Home.


About Comments:

The intent of the comments is to allow participants to share their questions,  insights and the results of their assignments – just like one would do in a small group conversation.  Comments should be personal reflections,  struggles,  and discoveries related to the Journey Element under discussion.  We want to become a community and talk to each other,  as well as encourage each other as we journey together.

Since we are all at different places in our journey, we can learn much from each other – help each other – even inspire each other.  Please respect each other and keep your posts appropriate in every way.  Words do matter – so try to choose good words.

The very first time you comment you will need to provide your first and last name and your email address.  This name will be visible with your posted comments,  so if you want to make up an alias or use your initials – we understand.  That said,  we do need a real email address…..we have ways of checking.  Your email address will never appear on the screen and we will not provide it to anyone else.   This is actually a security issue and for everyone’s protection.

Comments will be approved by a Moderator prior to appearing in the blog comments area.  Our intent in doing this is not to censor in any way.   We are checking for relevance and appropriateness.   As much as we love hearing about your vacation,  your kids,  your puppies,  a wonderful recipe or what you are doing this weekend,  this is not the place for that – if you get our drift.


And Finally:  Lurkers are welcome!   In fact,  you are more than welcome,  and if you want to,  please comment directly to us via email from the Contact Us page.

For More information about the Journey Elements go here.

For More information about Blogging go here.

To Contact Us by email go here.

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