Dead Stop

Now that I’ve got your Undivided Attention…

Let me help you.

Just when your journey appears to be going along fine,
you’re progressing according to plan,
right on target, and then……

End of pierCRASH!

Where did that come from?
And it seems you can’t go any further.
The road is blocked,   the bridge is out.

Dead stop.
There is no more road…just miles and miles of ocean,  or desert,  or the deepest cliff you’ve ever seen,  or enemies so big you wouldn’t stand a chance……

There seems to be nowhere to go but back.
Or is there?

At some point,  our journeys with God crash headlong into the tough stuff…

disasters of all kinds,
evil beyond our imagination,
the consequences of our own actions or those of others,
relational dysfunction passed down through generations.

Our thoughts,  ideas,  beliefs,  and faith are challenged.
We’ve come so far…… and now this.
And where did everyone go?  Even our traveling companions seem to have deserted us.

We are all alone,
staring into the face of an angry God,
as the world seductively sucks us back into it’s black hole of the lust of the flesh and eyes,  and the pride of life.

hand-reaching-up-to-lightWe reach our hands up out of the darkness hoping someone will grab them and lift us up.
How do we get out of here and back on our journey?
What is going on?


Someone,  please come and save us.
We need help,  right now.
We need to be rescued.

And that’s the point.

Let Omniallinfinitude help restart or empower your Journey.   Rescue is on the way.

12  Journeys
Investigating the attributes of God
Implementing the spiritual practices

God is the Ultimate Constant

He is so good at what He does – it seems we can’t help but take HIM for granted.

The extraordinary becomes so ordinary,  we no longer take notice.

We become blind to God and turn a blind eye to others.

Oftentimes we get stuck,  waylaid along the way,  and we stop and settle for a life of routine and hurry,  instead of one filled with compassion and creativity.

We . are . bored . to . death.

It’s so easy to get in a rut…..Three things can keep us from moving on with God and taking our spiritual lives off autopilot.




  • We’re just tired and weary,  always stressed,  chasing after the wind,  trying to have it all,  we don’t even realize what’s happening to us.
  • We’re afraid,  afraid of failing,  of our own inadequacies,  that we won’t measure up,  so we stay where it’s safe.
  • Life is good,  comfort is king – why upset the apple cart,  why risk something new,  why take a chance.  We become complacent and stop paying attention.

We give up,  pack it in,  and our gaze wanders from God – to anything else that might satisfy – but nothing ever does.  Our accessorized lives do not produce the lives of adventure we long for and that only God can provide.

We . need . to . refocus.

Omniallinfinitude™ takes us back to the very beginning,  who is God and how do I get to know Him,  not just know about Him?

It’s time to turn away from our preconceived assumptions about a God who is about our size and looks a lot like us – to the wonder and reality of actually sharing our journey with a God who is beyond our imagination,  yet as close as our heartbeat.

Yes,  there will be struggle along the way – and it seems we have a million questions.

  • Can He be trusted?   What can I count on Him for?
  • Is there evidence that God is real?
  • Why is this so hard?   Why do we struggle so?   Why is there doubt,  fear,  anger,  depression,  pain and suffering?
  • What is He waiting for?
  • Why doesn’t anyone care?   Why don’t we care?   Why doesn’t anyone care about us?
  • Why are we here?   What happens when we die?

The answers are out there – to all these questions and more.


If you are ready to STARTSTART OVER,  or even just in need of a little TUNE UP along the way….

…. Omniallinfinitude™ is for you.