Some things we know…..

  Is everything OK? Are you sure?   Some things we know, and some things we never will. Some things we can control, but for most things we just hold our breath and wait. We plan our course, But no one really knows what tomorrow brings.   Should we take this off ramp or continue Read More

Dead Stop

Now that I’ve got your Undivided Attention… Let me help you.   Just when your journey appears to be going along fine, you’re progressing according to plan, right on target, and then…… CRASH! Where did that come from? And it seems you can’t go any further. The road is blocked,   the bridge is out. Dead Read More

Turn, Turn, Turn

The Same but Different Making everything Beautiful for it’s own Time   From the bright lights of Christmas we plunge into the dark nights of winter From the clutter and bustle of holiday shopping,  preparations,  activities and get-togethers It’s back to work and school We vow to eat less,  spend less,  and work out more Read More

Drop A Pin

  Taking stock Are we coming or going?   I recently spent some time in a major US city well known for its freeways and traffic.   Thank goodness for the map programs and apps now on most smart phones,  tablets and computers…..the magic blue dot shows your exact location in the midst of all the Read More

There’s no time like the PRESENT

  What are YOU waiting for?   It seems we’re always waiting for something.   For something to start or end, For things to calm down, For the times when we will the have time…… to start a new thing.   There’s always something else we need to do first. Something more important,  or demanding,  out Read More