To Be Continued……..

  You have arrived at your destination End of the Road?   Sometimes when we think we’re done,  we’ve only just begun. Our original journey is completed. We’ve worked hard and finished the race. But a whole new world has been opened to us.   We’re encouraged,  inspired,  emboldened. We got the diploma,  the promotion,  Read More

Holding Pattern

Been down this road before Are we there yet?   Beginning a journey is always exciting, The anticipation… The planning and preparation… You’re finally ready,  walk out the door and off you go!   But you soon discover the journey is long,  and sometimes boring.   It takes time to get where you’re going – and Read More

Clear a path, Make some room, Time to go!

Freshman Year is Over It’s time to take off the training wheels.   So far we’ve just gotten our feet wet – now its time to get in the water up to our knees. We’re leaving the flatlands,  moving into the foothills So the road will get bumpier, Steeper and longer, But more adventurous. And Read More

PAUSING to enjoy the view

  Refresh and Reflect between Journeys   No matter what kind of journey you are on,  along the way you will need to take an off ramp,  visit a rest stop,  have a picnic,  take a picture,  visit a friend,  take a nap. We need time to read the map,  plan the next phase of Read More

Make Omniallinfinitude part of your Journey

GOD Does it matter what we think?   12 Blog Journeys Investigating the attributes of God Implementing the spiritual practices   Join our online blog experience and discover for yourself.   If you are just beginning with us,  please begin with Journey One – Highest Honors.   Each Journey has it’s own blog and can be Read More

Looking for the Omniallinfinitude Blog Experience? Taking the First Step

You’re almost there.   Click on the Current Journey graphic on the top right to go straight to the most recent journey blog.  Access each Journey from the top Menu Bar or the list in the right sidebar.   Taking the First Step   There’s always so much anticipation We think about it Get our Read More

Do You Ever Think About God?

  Do you ever think about God? Is your understanding of Him skewed because you look at Him through the prism of your own problems,  struggles,  experiences or situations?   It makes a difference how we think about God. In fact,  it affects everything…. Everything we believe,  feel and do. Our society today seeks to Read More