Holding Pattern

 Been down this road before

Are we there yet?

Beginning a journey is always exciting,
The anticipation…
The planning and preparation…

You’re finally ready,  walk out the door and off you go!

But you soon discover the journey is long,  and sometimes boring.   It takes time to get where you’re going – and along the way there are roadblocks and detours,  breakdowns and distractions.

Sometimes you stop,  or take a wrong turn,  or turn around and go back.   On one road a bridge is out,  on another a tree down,  still another,  a mudslide across the road.

It’s always good to have some traveling companions – and you quickly recognize,  to your benefit,  that some look straight ahead,  some enjoy the company and some the view,  while others are always checking out the rear view mirror.   You watch out for each other,  inspire each other,  distract each other,  misunderstand each other.

Are we there yet?   How much longer?
Who knows?

Haven’t we been down this road before?   It seems so familiar,  like we’re going in circles.   Round and round,  circling the runway,  but never landing.


How do we break away,  break out of this wilderness?
How do we turn our dreams into reality?
How many times do we have to learn this lesson?

Just over the next hill or around the next curve,  we look for a sign,  any sign – but there is nothing to see for miles and miles,  in all directions.   There is no gas,  food,  water or cell coverage.  Just the road… and the journey goes on.

Have we wandered into danger?   Are there enemies all around?

Can’t we go back to ordinary and boring?


Do you ever notice how the seasons are just long enough – how we are always ready for the next one,  even though they are the same every year.   Each life journey has its seasons – the wintertime and the summertime and over and over again.

God has much to show and teach us no matter what season our journey is in.   Let Omniallinfinitude help empower your Journey.

12  Journeys
Investigating the attributes of God
Implementing the spiritual practices