Highest Honors…..What comes to mind?



Achievement, accomplishment, victory
Bravery, sacrifice, service
Competition, being the first, the best
Position, mastery, expertise……..
Winners, highest scores, the ability to overcome obstacles
Make an impact, leave your mark…

From valedictorians to warriors, to priests and kings
From sports champs to Nobel Prize winners, humanitarians and local heroes
We accord them Highest Honors
No one does it better, they’ve graduated magna cum laude

Sometimes what they accomplish is beyond our imagination
We wonder how they did it
They must be smarter or stronger
have more money
more talent
more help.

We use words such as Superior! Magnificent! Brilliant! Exceptional! Impossible!
We shake our heads in disbelief
Stand and cheer and applaud in amazement, appreciation and respect

And sometimes we are them
The best of the best, continually striving for even Higher Honors

But, beyond all this, higher than the highest skyscraper and mountain
farther out than the farthest star
beyond all that man could ever achieve or imagine…
Is the One who truly deserves Highest Honors
The One known as the Most High and Glorious

The One behind it all

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Glimpses of the Most High

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant.

One blind man touched the elephant’s side and exclaimed with conviction,
                      Why, an elephant is like a wall!
Another, feeling the tusk disagreed. He shouted his truth:
                       An elephant is round and smooth and sharp.
                       An elephant is like a spear.
Another, trying to get hold of a writhing trunk,
                       Decided that an elephant is like a snake.
Another, feeling a leg and knee,
                        Was convinced that elephants are like trees.
No, no, no, said another who was enjoying the breeze from a flapping ear,
                        An elephant is like a fan.
Another, who was holding on to the tail, argued
                        That it was more like a rope
And still another, whose cheek felt the swish of the tail’s tuft, argued,
                       Elephants are like paint brushes.

Not one of us, from our limited vantage point, can grasp the whole – but we can catch glimpses and explore facets of the Most High God. When we initially respond to God and begin our journey with Him, it is usually because we have been attracted to one of His attributes. This may be because of our personalities, our strengths, our needs at the time, but this then becomes our primary picture of all that God is.

We will be in trouble if we stay there, and unfortunately many of us do. Some of His attributes we like and can relate to and some we don’t understand, don’t like and then reject altogether. Yet we know what the blind men did not know – that each of us possesses only a sliver of the truth.

God is bigger than what we can get our hearts and minds around.

He is the Most High – transcendent above all, truly receiving the Highest Honors.

This has been our first attribute to study, the fact that He is totally unique, so far beyond what we can imagine, so amazing in quality, so high and lifted up.

He is unfathomable and yet He wants to journey with us. To try to live on your own without God will lead to wrong thinking.

Does it matter?  Join our quest and find out.

Excerpted from Highest Honors, Journal 1.6

Website Reboot….What’s old is new again…..



If you’ve landed here you’re either looking for something…….or something is looking for you.

We hope you’ll stay awhile.

2018 brings a brand new redesigned Omniallinfinitude website making it easier and simpler for anyone to locate and download the Journey units from the Home page.  All twelve Journeys are completed and available in PDF format.  You can print them out or work through them on a computer, phone or tablet.

As before we are presenting information and tools for anyone to discover the Attributes of God and the Spiritual Practices necessary to know Him and personally become more like Him.  This material is free to use,  appropriate for personal or group study and should take around two months to complete each one.

Please begin with Journey One, Highest Honors, and engage the rest in order. Journey One is challenging because it is an introduction to the format as well as shares information that may leave you with more questions than answers……and that is on purpose.  Every Journey Unit builds on what is presented in the prior ones.  Make sure to go the distance.

Enjoy your Journey.