Journey Elements


Welcome to Omniallinfinitude™,  a series of guided journeys within the great quest we call life,  ultimately leading you to greater knowledge and understanding of the attributes of God as well as the Spiritual Practices necessary to gain this knowledge.


There are no requirements,  no prerequisites to joining in these journeys,  except perhaps a willingness to learn and discover through a variety of activities.   Some elements you may naturally be drawn to,  some will challenge you,  and some may be way out of the box for you.  It is important to do them all,  in order, completing one journey before moving on to the next.


Each Journey is designed to be completed in two months time –  either by yourself,  with a friend or in a small group setting.  It is important to remember we all start from different places,  we start with what we know and move on from there,  but we are all traveling together.


The following elements make up each journey.  You should complete them in order but it doesn’t matter if you do it a little each day,  or in big blocks of time during the two months.  Some of the elements require some advance planning,  so you might want to review the entire contents of each journey before you begin.


Remember:  One Bible verse each journey unit to memorize.


Read:  As you proceed through the journeys you will read some of the most profound and well loved chapters in the Bible.  It is recommended that you read the chapters three times using different translations (available online).  Try a modern Bible translation and a modern paraphrase and then once again with a pad and pencil by your side as you record your thoughts and observations.  It is also helpful to read the selection out loud.


Analyze:  A variety of Bible Study methods will be offered to help you analyze in greater depth a section of the reading.  The goal of this section is to familiarize you with various ways to greater understand God’s Word.


Investigate:  Each Journey  focuses on a group of God’s attributes. This section will include completing a directed investigation section and reading a page called 10 Things.


Practice:  Part of growing in our relationship with God is the intentional practice of skills that have helped Christians from the beginning.  Each Journey will focus on one or more of these with instructions for developing each discipline skill.  This is how God changes lives.  It is not a matter of trying harder,  but of training smarter.

Some of the Practices involve doing a specific activity,  while others require we stop doing certain things.  In both cases a door is opened for God to work in us and through us.


Inventory:  A personal inventory will be completed regarding areas related to the attributes and skills studied in each unit.  These will be questions designed to review your personal history and evaluate your current practices and beliefs.


Adventuring:  This section guides you to venture out into the world with a specific assignment to observe, interact with or impact your surroundings and neighborhoods.  The intent is to allow God to reveal Himself through nature, media and other people.


Lyrics:  You are encouraged to read the posted lyrics as poetry for your inspiration,  as well as view the music videos linked to in the post.  Then reflect on the questions that follow each lyric set.


More Cool Stuff:  Read this section of additional related and fascinating information and respond with your reflections as a comment to the blog post.


Journal:  Each Journey includes several Journal entries presenting additional tools,  truth,  inspiration,  evaluation and challenge.  After reading each entry,  reflect,  and then answer the questions and share via comment.


Closure:  At the conclusion of each Journey this is the place to recap where you’ve been,  what you learned,  new thoughts,  challenges,  growing pains…..and share them with us via comment.