Welcome to the journeys of Omniallinfinitude™

12 guided learning experiences leading you to experiential knowledge and understanding of

the Attributes of God
as well as
the Spiritual Practices
necessary to grow in this knowledge.

These journeys ultimately lead to Jesus Christ and a life in relationship with HIM.

There are no requirements, no prerequisites to join in these journeys, except a willingness to learn and discover through a variety of activities.

Some elements you may naturally be drawn to, some will challenge you, and some may be way out of the box for you. It is important to do them all, in order, completing one journey before moving on to the next.

There are a total of twelve journeys or units, each designed to be completed in two months time – either by yourself, with a friend or in a small group setting.

It is important to remember we all start from different places, we start with what we know and move on from there, but we are all traveling together.

Whether you are confused or curious about spiritual things,
already convinced or committed to Jesus,
or even critical or complacent about the whole business,
these journeys are yours to take.

There is no time like the present to begin because ultimately everything rests on what we think about God.

There is no cost to download each PDF below. Click on the picture to go to the page to download each journey.

Take your time. Enjoy the Journey!

Journey One-Highest Honors
Journey Two-One and Only
Journey Three-Beyond Time and Space
Journey Four-Large and In Charge
Journey Five-Faithful and True
Journey Six-Good and Ready
Journey Seven-Bright and White
Journey Eight-Hot, Hot, Hot
Journey Nine-O Mercy Me
Journey Ten-To Die For
Journey Eleven-Up Close and Personal
Journey Twelve-Perfect Ending